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bird brooch, Vintage Crystals and Enamel Bird Lapel Pin or Brooch



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This is a Vintage Crystals and Enamel Bird Lapel Pin or Brooch. Good Condition with normal age wear. It measu bird enamel pinres approx. 3 inches long. The Bird has a Green eye crystal all of the other crystals are clear. The enamel work colors are Pu bird enamel pinrple, Yellow Gold and Orange. The material is a Gold Tone metal of higher qu bird enamel pinality. It can been worn variou bird enamel pins ways on a jacket lapel, shirt, blou bird enamel pinse, sweater, coat, etc. If you bird enamel pin have any more qu bird enamel pinestions please ask before you bird enamel pin pu bird enamel pinrchase. I ship to the USA. No International Shipping. I also insu bird enamel pinre all of my packages to make su bird enamel pinre that they arrive to you bird enamel pin safely. Thanks for looking.

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