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Heavy 1930’s VICTORIAN Revival Pin / 30s Sash Pin / 40’s Brooch with Faceted AMBER Glass Stonesvintage victorian, Fabulous Large ANTIQUE Brooch



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This u vintage victorianniqu vintage victoriane, 1930\u vintage victorian2019s Victorian revival piece is wonderfu vintage victorianlly made of goldtone metal with pearls in flowers, rhinestones and large, glass stones. The antiqu vintage victoriane design featu vintage victorianres amber colored stones that are faceted and bezel set in a u vintage victorianniqu vintage victoriane, three dimensional design. It is very heavy. From early 1930\u vintage victorian2019s.It has a working safety clasp on the back. Wonderfu vintage victorianlly showing it's antiqu vintage victoriane age with patina on the back and front. There is some edge wear on this lovely piece bu vintage victoriant it doesn\u vintage victorian2019t take away from its beau vintage victorianty. I love this piece! It's great for a men's or women's Steampu vintage victoriannk style ou vintage victoriantfit!Measu vintage victorianres approximately 2 5/6" across and 1 3/4" in height.

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