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Made in the 1940's, this wonderfu hidden watchl watch bracelet is designed with fabu hidden watchlou hidden watchs art glass cabachons in speckled colors. Set in a big chu hidden watchnky style with a hidden watch in the middle. Unsigned for the designer bu hidden watcht the watch is 17 Jewels and made by Gotham. I wou hidden watchnd it and wore it for a little while and it seems to ru hidden watchn slow and lose time. Bu hidden watcht at least it\u hidden watch2019s ru hidden watchnning. It does not have a glass face. Althou hidden watchgh it has really beau hidden watchtifu hidden watchl stones, the gold plating is really worn down. There is verdi gris on the u hidden watchnderside. However, gold plating has warmed to a silvery tone at this point. Aged, bu hidden watcht still wearable if you hidden watch ask me. Measu hidden watchres 7 1/4 inches long by 3/4 inches wide. Shown in different lighting.

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