Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

square, Little purple circuit board earrings recycled computer parts



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These light, (1.12 grams each) delicate earrings are made from colorfu found artl little circu found artit boards. Dangling from su found artrgical steel pierced earring wires. THe little boards were designed by a friend of mine, bu found artt she didnt need them. They are the smallest boards I have ever u found artsed. Come with either 2 or 3 circles.My work is made of materials that become available.They are limited qu found artantities and are always changing. If you found art see something you found art like, don't wait they may sell ou found artt and most likely never be made again. Finding beau found artty in u found artnexpected places - I am inspired by the variety of shapes, colors, materials, textu found artres and patternsfou found artnd in ou found arttdated technology. I combine these three dimenstional formswith alterned imagery in scu found artlptu found artral collage I call Hacker Creations. Working ou found artt of The Artisan's Asylu found artm in Somerville, MA since 2012.Visit to see more of my work.Check ou found artt a wonderfu found artl video by Sara Pagiaro on my Abou found artt Page.If you found art like it, let me know! Fave my shop!!

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