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Vintage 1950's White Milk GLASS Earrings By CHARELtrifari earrings, like TRIFARItrifari earrings, Sweet Floral Designer Earrings



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Petal shaped white milk glass flowers and Silvertone make these beau 50s costume jewelrytifu 50s costume jewelryl vintage earrings great for su 50s costume jewelrymmer!They are signed on the back \u 50s costume jewelry201cCharel\u 50s costume jewelry201d withou 50s costume jewelryt a copyright symbol. US copyright laws were changed in 1955 based on a lawsu 50s costume jewelryit that Trifari won against Charel. Most costu 50s costume jewelryme jewelry having the copyright mark was made after 1955. So I believe that these are pre-1955. Earrings are 1 1/4" indiameter.In very good condition bu 50s costume jewelryt showing some yellowing of the glu 50s costume jewelrye from the back of the earring only. Both the earring clips work fine.

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