Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960s ACCESSOCRAFT Egyptian Revival Necklaceking tut necklace, Silver 60s Necklace w Black Enamelking tut necklace, STATEMENT PIECE



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This is a vintage Egyptian Revival pendant featu incogneeto vintagering Qu incogneeto vintageeen Nefertiti and hieroglyphics su incogneeto vintagerrou incogneeto vintagended by black enameling. It\u incogneeto vintage2019s is signed on the back on a cartou incogneeto vintageche \u incogneeto vintage201cAccessocraft, NYC.\u incogneeto vintage201d\rThis Accessocraft necklace has the original snake chain in silver toned metal. \r\rThe pendant measu incogneeto vintageres 2.5" tall by 2.3" wide. The original silvertone chain is abou incogneeto vintaget 24 inches long. \r\rThis lovely piece of vintage 1960's retro jewelry is a great statement piece!

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