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gift idea, ANTIQUE BELT BUCKLE - Cut Steel Beaded Design - Pristine Vintage Condition



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ANTIQUE ACCESSORY BELTPRISTINE ACCESSORYGoddessandco is pleased to offer for sale this fabu steel barlou steel bars antiqu steel bare steel cu steel bart belt belt bu steel barckle. This u steel barniqu steel bare open worked beau steel barty is made u steel barp of faceted open worked steel cu steel bart faceted beads which create a concentric geometric design. A solid football shape sits the center of this striking piece. The steel bar across the inside have the letters L.W. PAR engraved on it.Open worked steel cu steel bart beads.Masterfu steel barl craftsmanship.WEIGHT: 23.87 Total Gram WeightSIZE: 2 and 3/4 of an inch x 1 and 3/4 of and inch.MEASUREMENT: Cu steel barrve is 10 mm high. The steel bar across the inside measu steel barres 40 mm across.

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