Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gypsy costume, Charming Vintage 1940s Gold tone Coiled SNAKE Chain Bangle Bracelet with PEARLS and RHINESTONES



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This wrap arou 1940s pearlsnd style bangle bracelet from the 1940s is GOLDtone metal with a snake chain, fou 1940s pearlsr large fau 1940s pearlsx pearls with small rhinestones. It\u 1940s pearls2019s a great piece dating from the late 40's or early 1950's. Great piece for a flapper costu 1940s pearlsme! The entire length of the bracelet is abou 1940s pearlst 8\u 1940s pearls201d long from pearl to pearl. It is a coil, wrap arou 1940s pearlsnd style so it will fit many wrists. Stylish and in very good condition. There is some wear to the pearls where they ru 1940s pearlsb against one another bu 1940s pearlst mostly on the u 1940s pearlsnderside.

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