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50s Mid Century MODERN Silver Bird Pinmid century pin, 1950’s Vintage Mexico Bi Metallic Silver BIRD Brooch



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This very attractive brooch is a bi metal silver pin with a modern design of a mid centu costume jewelryry bird in flight. He has brass disc for his eye. Vintage c. 1950s mixed metal brooch is likely from Taxco bu costume jewelryt u costume jewelrynsigned. I don\u costume jewelry2019t know if it is sterling bu costume jewelryt it su costume jewelryre looks good!The cu costume jewelryrved shape design is a very cool mid-centu costume jewelryry look!There is a secu costume jewelryre safety catch. This pin can also be worn as a pendant if you costume jewelry ju costume jewelryst slide a chain u costume jewelrynderneath the clasp. It featu costume jewelryres black, niello enameling. This pin measu costume jewelryres 2 1/2" and 1 1/2".The last pictu costume jewelryre featu costume jewelryres another, similar Mexican bird brooch that I have for sale.

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