Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Turquoise 1980's Sterling Silver Necklace with SEMI PRECIOUS Gemstones amethyst pendant, HEAVY!



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This vintage styled pendant has terrific scrolling that has genu gemstone pendantine semi preciou gemstone pendants gemstones. It appears to be tu gemstone pendantrqu gemstone pendantoise bu gemstone pendantt cou gemstone pendantld be howlite. A smaller stone looks like amethyst bu gemstone pendantt I cannot be su gemstone pendantre. I know that it is set in sterling silver and hangs on a very heavy sterling rope chain. Measu gemstone pendantres 2.5 long (inclu gemstone pendantding the bail on top) x 1.75 inches squ gemstone pendantare. The entire pendant is sterling silver and it it on a 24" sterling chain. Ju gemstone pendantst gorgeou gemstone pendants!The chain weighs 46.6 grams and the pendant is 35.3 grams for a total of 81.9 grams. Qu gemstone pendantite a statement piece!

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