Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage jewelry lot, Lot of 4 Jewelry Pieces / Red & Black Glass Beaded Necklace / Crown Pin + more!



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Selling 4 stu glass bead necklacenning vintage pieces for one low price. The best is the black and red glass beads from the 40s/50s. This alone is worth the price of the lot! You glass bead necklace also get 1940s black glass clu glass bead necklacester earrings from the early 40's/50\u glass bead necklace2019s. A more modern pair of 80s abstract gold, red and black earrings and a small Crown pin. The pin, clasp and earring backs work great. Everything is in great shape!Please ask qu glass bead necklaceestions if you glass bead necklace want more details.

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