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Sterling Silver and Enameled Necklacenecklaces, Map of Norway 1" and 16.5" Chain



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Sterling Silver & Enameled Necklace, Map of Norway 1" & 16.5" ChainSolid sterling silver necklace of fine qu necklacesality featu necklacesres the map of Norway.\u necklaces00a0 Classic and fu necklacesn necklace made by Mema Norge of Norway.\u necklaces00a0 The\u necklaces00a0bright satin finish and intricate design of the enamel give a rich appearance to this big charmer.\u necklaces00a0 Dangling from its fine sterling silver chain, this u necklacesniqu necklacese necklace will allow you necklaces to show you necklacesr Norwegian pride.The ancient art of\u necklaces00a0enameling\u necklaces00a0combines fire, powdered glass or stone and metal to create colou necklacesrfu necklacesl patterns and designs.\u necklaces00a0\u necklaces00a0Enamel jewelry\u necklaces00a0is a beau necklacestifu necklacesl way to spru necklacesce u necklacesp you necklacesr ou necklacestfit when you necklaces need that special accessory to really make a statement.\u necklaces00a0 Share the beau necklacesty with the Norwegian friends in you necklacesr life!

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