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50's SIGNED Miriam HASKELL Pearlsbaroque pearls, Glass & BRASS Cha-Cha Bracelet



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This genu signed jewelryine Miriam Haskell bracelet is made of brass with baroqu signed jewelrye pearls, amethyst glass and silvertone beads. A great example of the fu signed jewelryn elegance of Miriam Haskell. The bracelet appears to be brass and has some tarnishing on the inside. There is a silver geometric setting arou signed jewelrynd the bracelet to which the beads are attached. It\u signed jewelry2019s missing three gray baroqu signed jewelrye pearls and one silver bead. Abou signed jewelryt three beads show wear. It\u signed jewelry2019s hardly noticeable when you signed jewelry wear it. It measu signed jewelryres 2 5/8\u signed jewelry201d\u signed jewelry201d across in diameter.

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