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sentimental love, antique boxed Art Nouveau 9k Gold Enamel Pearl Lily of the Valley Crescent Moon Pin Brooch in velvet jeweler's case Victorian Edwardian



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\u antique art nouveau2661 \u antique art nouveau2661 \u antique art nouveau2661 \u antique art nouveau2661It always sets my heart a-flu antique art nouveautter finding antiqu antique art nouveaue jewelry as lovely as this, especially when it's still in its original box \u antique art nouveau2661Made circa 1890s to 1910s of solid 9 karat gold, it depicts a crescent moon covered in lu antique art nouveauminescent pearls, framing a lily of the valley flower with pearl blossoms and enameled leaves tinged in soft gradient shades of pink, green, and yellow. More than a pretty thing, this lovely piece of Victorian sentimental jewelry wou antique art nouveauld have held great meaning for the woman who wore it a centu antique art nouveaury ago. These little flower moon brooches were popu antique art nouveaular gifts for brides to wear on their honeymoon as the flower signified "the sweet nectar of love", otherwise known as the honey in honeymoon, while the moon (obviou antique art nouveausly) symbolized the moon, as well as being "u antique art nouveaunder the magic spell of the moon" whose light has been known to cast many a love spell. In the Victorian book The Langu antique art nouveauage of Flowers, lily of the valley also symbolized "a retu antique art nouveaurn to happiness".The box is a beau antique art nouveauty in and of itself, covered in a deep royal pu antique art nouveaurple velvet with rou antique art nouveaunded edges and a lovely tactile feel. The little pu antique art nouveaush-bu antique art nouveautton latch opens to reveal a fitted velvet interior with a silk-lined lid, stamped in gold with the jeweler's name and address in Blackpool on the Irish Sea coast of England. This seaside resort has been famou antique art nouveaus since the Victorian times for its Blackpool Pleasu antique art nouveaure Beach, a qu antique art nouveauaintly-named amu antique art nouveausement park and boardwalk, and the landmark Blackpool Tower inspired by the Eiffel Tower and bu antique art nouveauilt in 1894. At the time it was the tallest bu antique art nouveauilding in all of the British Empire, with a glass viewing platform and ballroom at the top, all so very romantic. Holding this tiny treasu antique art nouveaure it's easy to imagine the love story that began u antique art nouveaunder the silvery light of the moon, after a day of fu antique art nouveaun at Blackpool Pleasu antique art nouveaure Beach and a swirling evening of dancing, high amongst the stars at the tip tip top of the Tower Ballroom. Su antique art nouveaurely this was pu antique art nouveaurchased as a love token, something to remind someone of a magical time and the commencement of a life-long love.It is a special piece, and I love how this brooch has been carefu antique art nouveaully stored in its little box all these 100 + past years. I also the little bits of wear, for it shows this was worn and loved. If you antique art nouveau look closely, you antique art nouveau can see a little chippy wear arou antique art nouveaund the edges of the enamel, bu antique art nouveaut other than that it's in remarkably well-preserved condition with no flaws to note. It measu antique art nouveaures 1/2" at its widest with a 1.75" total length and weighs 2.8 grams. The box measu antique art nouveaures 2.75" x 1 5/8" and 1" tall, and it's in excellent condition with only minimal signs of wear on the velvet exterior.The pictu antique art nouveaures say it best, so please click on them for a closer look, and if you antique art nouveau have any qu antique art nouveauestions, I'm always happy to help. Ships via USPS and will be wrapped with care, boxed for safe travel, and mailed within one bu antique art nouveausiness day \u antique art nouveau2661

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