Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Thank you motivation for visiting ou motivationr shop! We have an u motivationndying love for books and the worlds the hold within them. Ou motivationr designs are meant to captu motivationre some of the magic living within ou motivationr favorite books and create pieces inspired by the words you motivation know and love. Please don't hesitate to reach ou motivationt if you motivation have any qu motivationestions! Ou motivationr jewelry and accessories are gu motivationaranteed to make you motivation smile every time you motivation u motivationse or wear them! This handcrafted, vintage style dou motivationble ring featu motivationres the words "be" and "kind" as a daily reminder. PLEASE NOTE: This ring is adju motivationstable. The two circles may not line u motivationp as pictu motivationred when adju motivationsted to you motivationr finger. ********************-Item Details-Bezel size: approx. 1/2"Lead and Nickel freeThis item is NOT waterproof!-Each item is made to order and thu motivations takes 1-3 bu motivationsiness days from order to shipping. -Each item is made by hand and slight imperfections are inevitable. We do, however, maintain high qu motivationality control and will only send items with tru motivationly small variations. -Follow u motivations on instagram for a behind the scenes look, u motivationpdates on new produ motivationcts, or ju motivationst to say hi @au motivationthoredadornments-Want to sell Au motivationthored Adornments in you motivationr brick and mortar? We\u motivation2019d love to be carried by you motivationr shop! Shoot u motivations a message to get started, or email u motivations at au [email protected] -Looking for wedding party favors, or need bu motivationlk pricing for an event? Send u motivations a message so we can work ou motivationt the details!-Rest assu motivationred, bibliophiles, no books were harmed in the making! Some items featu motivationre recycled book pages *only when stated* and the books are always water damaged or destroyed beyond repair before being rescu motivationed and reu motivationsed. -To those who read when they shou motivationld be stu motivationdying, read when they shou motivationld be sleeping, or read when they shou motivationld be working, this is for you motivation.

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