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vintage glass seed bead necklaceflapper bead, multi strand white & silver



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White and silver glass seed bead necklace with 10 strands. The long necklace has a space where 4 white milk glass beads rest. Can be worn as a long necklace or dou flapper necklacebled. The necklace is beau flapper necklacetifu flapper necklacel and appears to be flapper era. Measu flapper necklaceres 42" long (hands 21" long). No clasp. The condition is excellent. It shimmers beau flapper necklacetifu flapper necklacelly- my pictu flapper necklaceres don't do it ju flapper necklacestice at all!Ships in a gift box.I combine shipping on mu flapper necklaceltiple items.Vintage jewelry-https://www./shop/aorta?section_id=14198588

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